Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means more food than we (or your dog!) can imagine. It’s natural that you would want your dog to share in the festivities with a special treat from the table, but many popular Thanksgiving dishes include ingredients that are not safe for dogs, like onion, sugar, and chocolate. Others are just not healthy, such as those high in fat and starch.

The following tidbits are safe in small quantities to allow your dog a taste of the season. Just a few treats will make your pup feel special without you paying for an emergency vet visit. And, if your dog is on a special diet from your vet, talk to them before feeding any of these.

1. Carrots

We all know dogs love carrots. Raw or cooked, your pup will like this sweet treat.

2. Sweet Potato

Mashed potatoes on your table? Give your dog some sweet or white potatoes, mashed, without the butter or sugar for a nice holiday treat. They are high in starch, so feed in moderation. It’s also worth mentioning that raw potatoes of any kind are not good for dogs.

3. Cranberries

Cranberries are good for your dog – just don’t give her too many. Stay away from any sweetened cranberry sauce, but whole cooked cranberries (that are unsweetened) are just fine.

4. Pumpkin

While you indulge in your sweet pumpkin pie, your pup can have some canned pumpkin – just make sure it’s not pre-sweetened or spiced (and it should be “100% Pumpkin.”) Plain canned pumpkin is fine as long as it’s in moderation.

5. Turkey

Unseasoned turkey is safe for your pup once it’s cooked. Too much seasoning and stuffing in your bird? Buy your dog some turkey dog treats instead. Just don’t give him the bones, those can cause choking or blockages, and cooked bones can splinter.

6. Green beans

One of the staples at most Thanksgiving dinners is the green bean casserole. But wait! It’s full of fried onions and cream, which are NOT good for dogs. When you make it, set aside some plain green beans for your best friend to munch on!