Labrador Retrievers are an active breed. Although dogs within a breed have similarities, these characteristics can vary depending on the particular dog, as well as its personality and age. For instance, a younger Lab will probably need more exercise than a 12-year-old (but not always!). Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your Lab is truly getting the right amount of activity. The following are 3 signs your Lab needs more exercise.

1. Overweight

Inactive Labs can become overweight easily, especially with their bottomless stomachs. Making sure you are providing enough exercise helps keep that weight off. Excess weight can lead to a lot of medical issues, so it’s best to keep it off. A check-up at the vet is a good idea as well, in case the weight gain is being caused by a health issue and not just lack of exercise.

dog needs exercises

2. Destructive Behavior

A Labrador Retriever with too much energy can cause a lot of trouble around the house. This includes frustrating behaviors like chewing your shoes and digging up your backyard. If your Lab is destroying your home, exercise and training will help solve your woes.

dog needs exercises

3. Pestering

If your Labrador is following you around with a toy in his mouth, he’s trying to tell you something. Some will even push their face into yours when you are sitting down or nudge their nose under your arm. This is a not-so-subtle request for more playtime and exercise.